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SumBlox Intro Set of 43
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SumBlox are math building blocks whose individual size is proportional to the number value.  

Put a "1" block on top of another "1" block and it is the same height as the "2" block.

Stack three "3's" beside a "9" and you'll notice they come up to the same level. 

For budding makers and mathematicians alike, SumBlox are an ingenious way to explore the foundations of mathematics in 3 dimensions.  Sumblox are a hands-on transition from concrete to semi-concrete mathematical thinking. 

Through hands on play, Sumblox engages and excites children to visually represent math in a unique and fun way that promotes collaboration and cooperation. Stack proportional number blocks and they are literally equal in size and value! SumBlox help with developing understanding of addition, fractions, composing and decomposing, multiplication and so much more! 

Carefully manufactured from natural wood they're an ideal addition to any learning environment from pre-school to middle-school.   

Includes 43 hardwood blocks and activity card.  

SumBlox Building Blocks teach a wide range of mathematics through guided, hands-on discovery in our SumBlox Learning Activities. Currently available are series that teach addition and subtraction, multiplication, and fractions.  Each series empowers the educator to gradually move students to a deeper understanding of the properties of math through step-by-step investigations, engaging discussions and fun challenges.

Addition & Subtraction:

With Sumblox, students solidify their understanding of addition by focusing on its properties and manipulating the addend pairs of ten. Students connect addition to its inverse property, subtraction, and develop a strategy to find the difference between two whole numbers.  These new skills are learned and assessed through fun activities like building the Tower of Ten.


Students use SumBlox to investigate factors and multiples.  Multiplication comes to life as they physically see the relationship between multiplication and repeated addition.  As they dig deeper into multiplication, they discover the commutative property and build SumBlox Factor Walls to discover all of the factors of a number.  

Fractions Scaled Up


SumBlox allows teachers and students to explore fractions in a stress-free environment where every aspect of fractions can be seen and experienced.  By using SumBlox, students can truly understand the relationship between the numerator and denominator and use this knowledge to find fractional parts of whole values, find equivalent fractions, compare and order different fractions, convert improper fractions to mixed numbers, and even add fractions with different denominators.  Not only will your students be able to master these skills but also they will know why the math works! (Below you can see how fractions are scaled up and how 5/6, 2/3, and ½ are scaled to find a common denominator.  Now students can compare or add the fractions in their equivalent forms of: 5/6, 4/6, and 3/6!)

Factors of 18

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